Fat Biking In Banff National Park

I have been riding a lot so far this winter and Kirstie has been out on the trail with me a few times now and took some photos of where I ride.  I recently put up a post about my experience fat biking in Banff over on Canoe Wedding.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to the winter season!


See more photos here.


Kirstie’s Stories Featured on Steller Stories

Kirstie and I have both been enjoying a new app that allows us to put our photos together into a story format.  It’s a new social media but one that we feel much more comfortable with and has a lot of potential on the creative side of things.  It seems to be less about a popularity contest and more geared towards creating creative content and storytelling.  We really enjoy being able to put all of our photographs into a story format.  When we go out and take photos we are telling a story of our day, our hike, or whatever adventure or assignment we may be on.  This is a great app to put all the photos together to really tell the story of the day.  Please have a look at Kirstie’s recent stories in the last few days.  I feel like she has been putting together some really amazing photo stories and great archives for ourselves.  You can find her here: https://steller.co/orangegirl  She just did a wonderful story on our two amazing pups Leroy and Mabel as well as many more.  I will be updating and creating more stories in the time being as well and will do a post about that in the near future, but if you get a moment to wander through some of my wife’s beautiful stories, please do, I promise that it’s a million times better than sitting and watching TV.

Thanks so much and I hope that you enjoy.

You can see Kirstie’s amazing stories here:  https://steller.co/orangegirl

Thank you and all the best to everyone on this fine upcoming October Weekend!





Moraine Lake

Moraine Lake is a very popular place for tourists and locals alike to flock to in the late spring, summer, and early fall months.  It is very easy to see why so many people travel to the lake daily, hundreds of people can be there all at once.  The wilderness is raw all around the lake but when the tour buses are rumbling about and the rock pile is full of people it can be a little hard to fully take in the serenity of this place without noticing the spectacle of people, at least for me anyways.  Today I had an entirely different experience with Moraine Lake.  An experience I will no doubt ever forget in my lifetime.  The road is closed now for the season and has been since Thanksgiving.  It was 15 degrees out there today and I took to my bicycle.  Sometimes snow is already piling up on the road right as they close it, but not this year.  The road provided for a perfect ride and I was literally the only person out there.  Just me and Moraine Lake!  It was a little hard to fathom it to be honest.  What a transformation and I’m sure a welcome break for the ecosystem of this area.  I took a few photos along the way.









Chinook Sunset


The Banff Fire Department

Banff is full of dramatic mountain scenes and when walking around town the mountains beckon you to look up at them and walk with your eyes wandering across the landscapes seen right from town.  There is another beauty in town though, one that is as strong as the mountains that surround our little town and this beauty that I speak of is the people of Banff, the heart of Banff.  I am constantly amazed by all of the simple ways that our community celebrates.  Today was a celebration of sorts at the Banff Fire Department.  The firefighters made us pancakes and sausages, provided ample coffee and gave us full range of their fire hall to explore as we saw fit.  The place is polished like the Canadian Pacific Railway’s finest Silver.  Banff is a tourist town no doubt, but when I go to to these small and simple community events I am amazed and humbled by the people that make up this wonderful town.  Silvio is the Fire Chief in town and I often see him riding around the fire bicycle that I have shown below.  Not only does he provide us with proper safety in our town, he is an advocate for cycling and I have literally come across him grooming and shoveling one of our best mountain bike trails around town for all of us to ride.  Not just for him to ride, but all of us.  This is the sort of community spirit that exists in all that make up the town, hard work without the need for acknowledgement.  A humble town through and through.  It isn’t always easy to see the true locals through the large amount of tourists that come to enjoy and see first hand these fascinating mountains that many of us call home.  This town has a heart of gold, each member has their purpose whether big or small, extroverted or introverted, we all make this place the best place.  The best place for me without a doubt and I thank the Fire Department for the pancakes, coffee, single track riding in the winter, and for protecting what I believe to be the best community on earth!  See more photos from the day at the Fire Hall here.





Lake Agnes and The Little Beehive | Banff National Park

Kirstie and I had a great day off hiking up to Lake Agnes and the Little Beehive.  See more photos from our day here on our mountain wedding guide Canoe Wedding.  Mountain Goats, Pikas, some light snow and fresh air made for a great Thanksgiving day outing!



In Opposition More Daring

When adversity strikes I know no better way to work on hitting the reset button than going directly into nature, as far into the back country of these mountains that I live in as humanely possible.  It just so happens that I already had an overnight trip planned as adversity reared it’s ugly head.  My adversity is nothing new and is nothing in particular serious, but it is adversity nonetheless so spending some time with a friend walking into the mountains with what only is absolutely necessary is a great cure to any troubles, big or small.  Nature shows a different approach to adversity that we humans tend to overlook.  It isn’t always kind, but it works through a process that has been in place for millions of years, well before we walked this earth.  So I went to the mountains with a good friend, chatted about life, challenges thereof, and more importantly of the absolute beauty that surrounded us.  Once I saw the beauty it was as if nothing else really mattered.  Nature knows.  It knows how to show one what truly matters, what exists beyond the mundane, beyond the immature and selfish thoughts that we humans have created as a sensation and as of control.  I am not an overly spiritual person, but when I look for answers I can find them in the rocks and dirt that I walk and bicycle over in these mountains that I call home.  My actual dwelling is not always a home, but the mountains always welcome, weary or strong, they welcome like no other.  My adversity is not with my family or my close friends.  I have so much love within my family, my wife holds so much strength that it borders on the impossibility to even understand, just as these mountains are hard to fathom as I look at scree slopes and large boulders that fell hundreds of years ago and now sit peacefully in a golden larch filled alpine meadow.  My adversity lies within understanding others that I don’t truly know, understanding how society works against some and so beautifully for others.  My adversity stems from money, how easily it comes to some and how they take it so much for granted and on the opposite end how unfortunate others can be in holding on to a measly sum in order to make end’s meat.  Sometimes I feel like I have nothing left to give.  But then I wake up and I see my beautiful wife before me and the mountains staring me down directly outside and I realize that I have many things left to give regardless of the selfishness that society can create.  I sit here at midnight listening to the train whistle as the coyotes howl back.  It’s nature saying I can do better than you, just listen, just watch, and it can give insight and peace that perhaps was not there before.  After spending a night in the pure darkness that only the back country can provide I now know that nature sees and endures much more adversity than we humans can even comprehend, but the difference that I see with nature is that it takes it in stride, it adapts and moves forward.  The most important observation I have seen is that nature indeed moves forward and it moves forward without ego, as ego is human invention that nature knows nothing of.  So I choose to walk off adversity, to pedal off diversity, to know that I am truly and profoundly blessed to have the family I have, the friends that I hold so dear to me, my pups that know only unconditional love, the beautiful home that stands over me, and my wife that is a saint amongst saints.  Ego can go and sit in a dormant place, a place that nature holds for the harshest of winter days and will hopefully mellow through harshness and create a new and humble beginning, whereupon society looks at every aspect of the human experience living more in tune with what nature has to say.