I have always wanted to live in the mountains and as a kid I dreamt of being able to one day see the mountains since I was living in a very flat landscape.  Even though I loved where I grew up, I always felt a pull to go to the mountains and now instead of just being able to visit mountain landscapes on vacation, I am living in the best and most beautiful mountain environment I could have ever imagined being in.  I have lived in Banff, AB with my wife Kirstie for over ten years now doing pottery, cycling,  and helping Kirstie with her amazing, thoughtful, and incredibly inspiring photography. I ride my bicycles as often as I can, hang out with my awesome pups, ride my bike to Vermilion lakes with my beautiful wife, and shovel snow a lot.



15 Comments on “About/Contact

  1. Very nice all pictures, congratulations and salud for your family , , thank you

  2. Hi! Found your blog via instagram. You started to follow me there. I´m @rymdolop. 😉 I really enjoy it. Very beautiful photos. Looking forward to follow your posts.
    Cheers / Olov

    • Hi Olov,

      Thanks so much for your kind words, I am also very much enjoying seeing your photos. Thanks so much, I have never been to Sweden but I hear it is quite beautiful. Take care.

      Your Canadian friend,

  3. Hi Kevin,
    Just discovered your blog via Porcelain Rocket. Nice photos, cool adventures… Makes me want to come back to the Rockies…


    • Thanks so much Michael,

      Your blog is amazing, you have been on some incredible adventures and taken some beautiful photos! I am definitely going to spend some time checking out all of your adventures through your blog. I do feel really grateful to be able to ride daily here in the Canadian Rockies and have my buddy Scott from Porcelain Rocket so close by, although he is traveling to Australia at the moment to take on the Canning Stock Route. Happy riding to you!


  4. Thanks Kevin,

    I did my mountain guide training over there 10 years ago. Have not been back since. I really want to go back with bike included… Glad you like the blog, do you mind if I add a link to yours?
    Canning Stock Route! Uff, sounds long and dry + fun!


    • Hi Michael,
      This would be a great area to do mountain guide training, I know a few people that have done their training here, but yes a bicycle is also a great way to explore the Canadian Rockies. It is quite a bit controlled in the National Parks as to where you can ride but there are still so many beautiful places to go that are quite remote and lovely. I would love it if you added a link to my blog, that would be very kind of you. I would like to do the same for your blog if I can figure out how to do that on mine. I don’t actively have links set up yet and am using a very basic wordpress template along with my minimal knowledge of a computer but I will see what I can do. I do really enjoy your blog and am very happy to have found it. I hope that you are having a great adventure today. All the best!


  5. Great blog since we have cycled through some of that same great scenery. As a cyclists in love with the great outdoors you might have some interest in this blog for a non-profit, cycling advocacy org.: http://www.cyclotouringbc.com/wordpress/

    Happy bike explorations in your backyard and beyond!

  6. Any interest in the Idaho Hot Springs route the end of July this summer? Gathering a few people for it. We talked about getting together for a ride pre-Tour Divide a couple summers ago but that feel through.

    • Yeah, I really wish I would have gotten the chance to meet you when you were here in Banff for the Tour Divide. Congratulations on that by the way, I followed your progress along! The Idaho Hot Springs has been on my list to do for awhile now and I would certainly love to ride it with you but July is by far my busiest month out of the year. I usually try to plan my trips in the off season for our work since I work with my wife as a wedding photographer. July is pretty full on for us. Let me know however if your plans change and or if you are ever in the Banff area again. Thanks Brett and all the best to you!

  7. Hi Kevin, you popped into my head today, because I’ve been thinking about building a website and I remember really liking Kirstie and your sites. Also I was looking at an old photo album and came across quite of few photos of you. I tried to find you on Facebook to get to your website/blog but it looks as if you are no longer on FB. I found you on google, and I still love your photography and Kirstie’s, wow such a wonderful place you live. How are you both? If I showed your bike photo’s to David, which I plan to do, I’m pretty sure he will start drooling instantly. I’m not sure if you remember or even knew but he is an avid cyclist, but with teaching and our 3 year old he doesn’t go as much as he would like. We are in Placerville, Ca, the Sierra foothills, and have been here for about 2 years. Lots of love, be well, Katie.

    • Hi Katie, Thanks for the nice message and it is very good to hear from you. I responded to this message via your email since this website is about to change. I hope you got the email and that all is well. Cheers!

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