Spring Evenings

The evenings have been more like the middle of May lately than that of March!  It has been quite beautiful and a great time to get out on my fat bike for riding around the river and soaking up the sun.




3 Comments on “Spring Evenings

  1. Hey Kevin, not sure you’ll get this in time but worth a shot. I’ll be in Calgary seeing my grandkids and have one day to ride in Banff. I’m planning on being in Canmore for sunrise and taking the Legacy in. If you had one day where would you ride? I’m thinking Bow Valley Parkway via Vermillion, Norquay and then back to Canmore.

    • Hi Ron, That is great that you will be out this way and have some time to ride in the Bow Valley. I hope you are able to catch the window of this beautiful weather we are having right now. My favourite ride is taking Vermilion to the Bow Valley Parkway and then on the way back finishing with a ride up Norquay and then back home to Banff. You really can’t go wrong here, it is all beautiful and the Legacy trail from Canmore to Banff is amazing. If you are able to, I would definitely try it all. The Bow Valley Parkway is really great but can be busy this time of the year on a weekend because of the traffic going to Johnston Canyon. Hopefully, you have a week day to come ride. Anyways, have a wonderful time here. Let me know when you are around, maybe I could ride a section with you if things are not too busy here. My wife and I are very busy with wedding photography at the moment but either way I hope you have a great time seeing your family and riding in this incredible place. Cheers!

      • THANKS. I’m heading out late this week but probably won’t get to Banff until the week of the 24th. I’ll reply again when I set a day in case you’re free to meet up, I’m going to try keep the week open so I can work around the weather. I’ve been checking your Instagram page daily and it kept me motivated all of July to get my butt in shape for a full day of riding this month. Thanks again for the info and the inspiring work. Take care.

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