Eiry and Alex

This past week I had the opportunity to meet two incredibly wonderful people and spend a great day hiking and exploring Banff with them.  Eiry and Alex planned an amazing trip starting in Vancouver and coming all the way to Banff before exploring their way back to their home town.  I had known Eiry through the cycling world on Instagram but had never met either one of them in person, in fact this is the first time I have ever met anyone in person through social media.  I am a fairly shy person and do most activities such as cycling and hiking solo and I was very intrigued but also slightly shy in nature to show two people that I only knew through Instagram around a place that I have settled in fully and love to no end.  I could not have been any happier to have met Eiry and Alex.  They were seriously the best people to meet no doubt.  I was frankly blown away by their sense of wonderment, imagination, and playfulness that they brought to places that I have been to over and over again.  I was seeing a world that inspires me daily through the eyes of someone else and it was a really beautiful thing, totally magnificent.  They both carry such a sense of calm about them while staying playful and laughing all along in the sun.  A crazy beautiful day indeed.  It’s easy for me to become a bit of a hermit in these mountains and Eiry and Alex helped show Kirstie and myself just how wonderful it is to share the beauty of our home with others.  I absolutely loved it and could not have been any luckier that it was Eiry and Alex that we had the opportunity to meet.  My time spent with them showed me my Banff all with new eyes and with an even greater love for my home.  Thanks for that Eiry and Alex, it is much appreciated and Kirstie and I had a wonderful time spending the day with you two!





















One Comment on “Eiry and Alex

  1. Nice post Kev, I’ve had a few sort of similar experiences lately when I’ve stayed with “strangers” through air b&b on my trips to vic all of whom have turned out to be wonderful folks. It’s cool when the virtual social media world transcends into actual people that you connect with. Cheers Tim

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